change navbar when scroll the page + ticky-tacky boxes amalgam
"Linking to an iframe using the target and name attributes. Sweet for things like Youtube playlists." — Source:
change navbar when scroll the page
CSS added: #overlay-grid .uk-overlay-icon:before { content: "\f004"; color: #fc0; } .uk-overlay-background { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7); } ---------------- Original code:
Two grid-match methods: 1. class="uk-grid-match" 2. data-uk-grid-match="{target:'.uk-panel'}" Center horizontally columns in a grid with Flex // Forked from:
[✚] Dynamic filter on Sidebar [✚] Navbar + Dynamic grid [✚] Sticky block + Dynamic grid [✚] Sticky parameters Inspiration source:
Navigation bar examples from: [ ✚ Plus ] Multiple Offcanvas navigations for apps, modern websites, web tours, etc.
Small load more example
Custom Switcher based on horizontal and vertical tabbed navigation with animation.
Cards in a dynamic grid example, with dropdown and tooltip implemented.
Custom Switcher based on tabbed navigation with animation.
The Slideshow Panel features a content with max width. This Panel can be very useful, if using a full width layout.
By scrolling down a page, element appears the first time in the viewport and we can trigger a smooth animation to fade in the element.
Centered fullwidth slider with active state and animated captions.